Vision and Concept

DRES2Market approach is based on a rational process: large penetration of RES is main strategic driver in developing competitive advantages in the European renewable energy industry. Large penetration enables achieving higher economic scale and improving technology capabilities, and will boost European competitiveness in this field.

Characteristics of variable renewable energy technologies and storage devices will be evaluated for identifying their advantages and limits (including other possible barriers, like legal and administrative requirements) to propose technical and operational solutions that could mitigate them. Main topic will be to propose accurate and affordable approaches for effective integration of distributed generation based on variable renewable energy, enabling to sell excess of production in the wholesale market and supply balancing and reserve services according to the system operation needs.

Integration approaches for enhancing penetration of RES (equipment and devices, grid codes, market rules and operative procedures, price response mechanisms and effective collaboration of consumers frameworks) will be focused on large penetration of variable renewable energy in accordance with competitive criteria and on achieving positive impact for providing ancillary services.

This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 Research and Innovation Programme under the Grant Agreement No 952851